Can CBD Help With Pain Management?

Can CBD Help With Pain Management?

| Spencer Beaudreault

By now, there have been multiple studies on the wide variety of potential medical benefits of utilizing the cannabis plant.

Researchers everywhere have been focusing heavily on just how cannabis can potentially benefit the lives of millions of individuals suffering from a plethora of different aches, pains, and ailments.

There are several different mental as well as physical disorders that medical marijuana patients claim can be at least partially managed through the use of cannabis products.

Perhaps the most common cannabinoid that receives support for its medical benefits would be CBD, or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has been hailed by many for the potential benefits of using CBD for pain management. It has been stated by some users that using CBD for chronic pain is a much better alternative to using deadly and habit-forming opioids as well as even simple over the counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Below, we will discuss several key points associated with using CBD for pain management. Does CBD pain relief work in a similar manner as other more commonly used pain relief medications? Will utilizing CBD for chronic pain or CBD for pain management lead to negative effects? And just exactly how effective is CBD for pain management in the first place?

Let’s discuss:

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How We Can Use CBD For Pain Management

There are several key properties associated with the cannabidiol cannabinoid that may in fact explain the reasons as to why so many people are now relying on this cannabinoid for their various physical aches and pains. One key reason why many researchers believe there is said to be a connection between the use of CBD products and the easing of aches and pains. This would be the various inflammatory properties that CBD is said to possess.

It has been said that CBD may very well have the potential to not only reduce some of the symptoms and setbacks associated with high levels of inflammation in the body, but to actually lessen the amount of inflammation overall. Whereas the vast majority of painkillers, be it over the counter medication or prescription narcotics only seem to focus on dulling the symptoms and sensations associated with inflammation, CBD has shown promise in its uncanny ability to help rid the body of the inflammation that an individual is experiencing. In a world in which our medications seek to suppress symptoms, CBD may actually work to address the underlying issue. This is huge, as inflammation is a key factor in the pain that millions of individuals suffer from. Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel disease, and arthritis patients all deal with varying forms of inflammation, as well as varying symptoms associated with inflammation. CBD has been shown in some cases to help with inflammation within the digestive tract, the joints of the body, and even within the skin. These three separate areas of the body are generally where the most inflammation is going to be found, depending on the individual as well as their specific disorders. By using CBD for chronic pain, these patients may also be lowering their chances of dealing with the same pain within the future. As the inflammation is lessened, the pain will generally lower as well.

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But these disorders are not the only disorders that can lead to pain, of course. In some instances, pain may exist without much inflammation, if any. In these circumstances, CBD may also be able to provide some level of relief for select individuals.

CBD has now been shown in several studies to act as a fairly powerful anti-convulsant. In fact, CBD is currently the only cannabinoid that is FDA approved and currently being prescribed specifically in order to combat the debilitating symptoms and effects of epilepsy.

For those who may not be fully aware of the specifics of epilepsy, epilepsy is a disorder in which individuals are prone to both seizures as well as loss of awareness. Many who suffer from epilepsy can have seizures so often that simple tasks such as holding a job or focusing on schoolwork can prove to be nearly impossible. The act of having a seizure itself can lead to injury from violent thrashing and the extreme tightening of muscles. Some who have epilepsy have stated that after a seizure they often feel exhausted and their body feels sore. The use of CBD, however, has shown to lessen the amount of seizures that an individual suffering from epilepsy may experience. An epileptic individual may also find that they can use CBD for pain management if they are experiencing soreness or muscle aches after a seizure.

The use of CBD for pain management can be life changing, and the support for CBD pain relief has only grown in recent years. It seems that everybody from senior citizens dealing with daily aches and pains to athletes wanting to recuperate after a partially draining training session have found assistance from the direct use of this cannabinoid. But what specific CBD products or methods of use can benefit those suffering from pain?


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How To Administer CBD For Chronic Pain

CBD products can differ greatly from one another. There are various CBD vaping products, including both disposables as well as specific CBD oils for vaping. There are also tinctures, salves, CBD hemp flower for both smoking as well as making edibles, and gummies. Some individuals even rely on CBD pills for pain management. Others may find that they experience a higher level of relief when mixing CBD with other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, or even CBG. Check out these CBD pills for pain that can be combined with CBN gummies to ensure a good night’s rest without having to deal with aches and pains!

One of the most common mixtures that chronic pain sufferers have found to assist with pain management would be the mixture of CBD and DMSO for pain relief. DMSO, or dimethyl sulphoxide, is a chemical solvent that is actually the byproduct of papermaking. It is believed that DMSO has the natural ability to relieve both mild pain as well as inflammation. While DMSO still requires further testing on the potential benefits that it may bring to those who suffer from high levels of chronic pain and inflammation, some studies in fact have shown that using DMSO for pain on its own has shown to lower the inflammation levels for many individuals, and DMSO has been hailed by athletes especially who are dealing with joint pain. Using a DMSO roll on before using a CBD salve or tincture may in fact allow the body to absorb a higher level of the CBD, as DMSO has been used in medical situations for it’s uncanny ability to penetrate skin tissue and blood vessels without doing any damage to the body itself. By using DMSO for pain management in association with CBD, you may not only gain the beneficial effects of both substances, but the CBD may be able to utilize the DMSO as a sort of vessel to further enter the body. DMSO roll ons are available that have a mixture of CBD already in them specifically for this very purpose!


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Are There Negative Effects?

Like any substance, a small percentage of individuals may experience some negative effects when using CBD oil. These effects, although not serious, may include a loss of appetite, diarrhea, feeling tired, or dry mouth. While none of these effects are serious and nearly all of these effects have only been experienced when using rather large doses of CBD, they do exist. Therefore it is important to know just how CBD may affect you personally. It is best to consult with your physician before you use CBD products, as well as to do your due diligence when researching specific CBD products that you may be considering purchasing. For most individuals, however, the use of CBD will not lead to any negative side effects, especially if they are using mild to moderate doses. CBD is also non-psychoactive and does not provide users with the intoxicating effects that are commonly found when using delta 9 THC or even delta 8 THC. This allows users to go about their day without feeling foggy headed or otherwise intoxicated. Unlike the vast majority of painkillers commonly used today, CBD is also not habit forming. You won’t have to run the risk of addiction or withdrawal from the use of CBD, and CBD products can generally be taken daily without impeding on the day of the user. Still, it is wise to both consult with your doctor before you begin the use of any CBD products, as well as to research thoroughly the CBD product and the brand before you make the decision to ingest any substance.


The Final Verdict

It appears that the use of CBD has the potential to benefit millions of individuals suffering from hundreds of different aches, disorders, ailments or injuries.

It appears that using CBD for pain may very well lead to the easing of chronic pain as well as the minimizing of any inflammation that may be causing that pain.

At this time, however, CBD has not been FDA approved for this use, and so more research is needed.

However, a strong argument has been presented that this FDA status will change within the next few years, and CBD pain relief will become a reality for even more individuals.

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