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People Are Using Cannabidiol For ADHD?

| Spencer Beaudreault

It is no secret that mental health is an increasingly common problem in the United States.

Within the last ten years, we have seen a steadily rising mental health issue not only within our nation, but within the world. Since the pandemic, the number of reported mental health disorders and mental health related incidents have skyrocketed. One of the most commonly reported mental health disorders would be ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD affects a large portion of adults and children across the world. An estimated nine million people are afflicted with ADHD in the United States alone. Those suffering from ADHD often find that they have an extremely difficult time with focusing on specific tasks. They often report having an inability or difficulty with organizing their thoughts and emotions, especially during stressful moments. They often report dealing with feeling an excess of energy, and impulsive behavior.

This can lead to poor job performance, poor grades in school, frustration, depression, and anxiety. For some, ADHD is an extremely detrimental aspect of their everyday lives.

adhd and depression can lead to bad grades in school

Unfortunately, many who suffer from ADHD also have to deal with the various financial costs and side effects that come as the result of searching for a specific medication that can help them. You see, most who are diagnosed with ADHD don’t often find the right medication for them immediately. Not all medications affect everyone in the same manner, even if they are prescribed for the same disorder. So, for those who live with ADHD, it often takes a lengthy trial and error process before they are able to find prescription medications that can help them effectively. Even then, some feel that the dangers and side effects associated with these medications are simply too much for them to handle.

However, recent research has shown that the use of CBD, or cannabidiol, may in fact benefit those who have a difficult time with focusing. In this article, we will break down the truth on how CBD might be used to effectively manage ADHD, ADD, and other similar disorders. Let’s first start with a few specifics on the cannabinoid known as CBD, or cannabidiol.


The Many Properties of Cannabidiol

CBD or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance found within the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid is without a doubt the second most popular and most talked about cannabinoid in existence, coming in second only to delta 9 THC. CBD has been heralded for quite some time now for its believed abilities to assist with physical pain, anxiety, stress, nausea, and insomnia. In fact, CBD is currently being prescribed for many individuals who suffer from epilepsy. CBD is often looked at as the main medical compound that cannabis can provide. This sort of wonder drug, so to speak, is non-psychoactive, allowing many users to be free of the foggy headed sensation that cannabis is notorious for. Users can use CBD, feel a calming sensation, and not have to worry about being intoxicated. CBD is found abundantly in hemp, and can be smoked, ingested as cannabidiol oil, or even used in salves and lotions. The potential benefits to be gained from using cannabidiol are innumerable, and individuals from all walks of life have commended the cannabinoid for the benefit that they believe it has given them throughout their daily lives. Despite what has been a recent and massive outpouring of support for the use of cannabidiol oil, we may have only just begun to crack the surface of potential that this cannabinoid may have. Further research and study on CBD is ongoing for a wide variety of different ailments, illnesses, and disorders. It is a widely held belief that within the next ten years, CBD will be officially FDA regulated and prescribed for more disorders than just epilepsy. Until then, many staunch supporters are using cannabidiol to help manage their daily aches and pains, waiting for legislation to catch up.

people are using cannabidiol for adhd because of the many properties

Many of these individuals, however, are using CBD for more than the physical relief that they may feel. Some have found that using CBD regularly can help to take the edge off of mental health disorders and illnesses like depression, anxiety, and other commonplace issues. Some have found that by using cannabidiol for ADHD and ADD, they are able to manage some of the more difficult symptoms that arise from these disorders.

But how could using cannabidiol for ADHD benefit those who suffer from this disorder?

In order to effectively answer this, we must also go over several of the properties and commonly reported experiences of those who suffer from ADHD.

ADHD: The Facts

As previously mentioned, ADHD is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States. In addition to dealing with ADHD, many will also develop other disorders. Below, we will list three of the most commonly reported issues that can commonly arise for individuals who suffer from ADHD:

  1. Anxiety: ADHD and anxiety often go hand in hand. Racing thoughts, an excess of energy, and impulsive thoughts are a breeding ground for anxious thoughts. ADHD and anxiety feed off of one another. The pressure of having to remain focused while at work or at school, or even when carrying on a conversation can lead to some users feeling anxious during even menial tasks. The stress of having to fight through oncoming thoughts can prove to be too much at times, which in turn, can lead to a surge of frustration, endorphins, and energy. It is a vicious cycle that is the reality for so many who suffer from the disorder. It isn’t just about dealing with an inability to focus or impulsive and intrusive thoughts. The disorder is also about all that comes with it.
  2. Depression: Just like anxiety, ADHD and depression are commonly found together. The stress and anxiety that can come as the result of ADHD can lead to depression over time. It is frustrating to not be able to perform what are perceived as basic tasks or to force yourself to focus at all times. This can be tiring and detrimental to the individual’s feelings of self worth. ADHD and depression can combine to make daily life extremely stressful for those who suffer from them. Over time, depression can lead to further issues at work, at school, or within the everyday relationships that the individual has. It is mentally taxing, and, for those who suffer from ADHD, the crippling thought that it may not get better can be overwhelming.
  3. Social Skill Disorders. As you can imagine, a child who is diagnosed with ADHD at a young age may often find that they have a difficult time in building long-term friendships, as they will often quickly become bored when conversing or playing with others. For some, this can eventually lead to longer-term social skill-based disorders. Not regularly playing with or conversing with children of similar age groups can stunt the developmental growth of the child. This can lead to a setback in their overall educational development as well, which may continue into adulthood depending on the severity.

cannabidiol for adhd and anxiety

Due to these three common and serious complications that come along with having ADHD, many sufferers of the disorder have sought alternative ADHD supplements to assist with their day-to-day lives. So where does cannabidiol come into play? Cannabidiol oil is quickly emerging as one of the most commonplace of these ADHD supplements, as many claim various properties of CBD have been able to assist them with ADHD.

Let’s go over how using cannabidiol for ADHD has been used by those suffering from ADHD to assist with their disorder:


How Cannabidiol Oil May Help ADHD

As mentioned, CBD is used by many for its perceived sedative-like effects. These effects may very well be able to calm the racing thoughts that an individual who suffers from ADHD often deals with. In our previous article, we went over the ability that CBD may have to help select individuals focus on specific tasks. The sedative effects of CBD may quell some of the thoughts and the excess of energy that those suffering from ADHD often have.

In addition to the assistance with focus, many who suffer from depression and anxiety have found that the regular use of cannabidiol oil takes the edge off of both disorders. It allows those who suffer from anxiety to unwind and relax, and even get more sleep. It also allows those who suffer from depression to calm down and view their day with a more positive outlook. In both cases, this can be massively helpful to these individuals.

cannabidiol oil for adhd

We’re not saying that CBD will make all of these issues disappear.

However, if CBD even helps one individual to live a happier and healthier life, then it is worth looking into.

As previously stated, further research is ongoing.

Until then, many are continuing to utilize CBD as one of many ADHD supplements in the hopes that it can better manage their symptoms without having to worry about the various side effects and complications that can often arise through the use of prescription medications.

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