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CBD For Energy And Focus

| Spencer Beaudreault

Since the passing of the Agriculture Improvement Act in 2018, the uses and benefits that many individuals may receive through the use of CBD have been reported to be numerous, and are currently being widely studied. The Agriculture Improvement Act, commonly referred to as the “Farm Bill” effectively legalized hemp-derived CBD for manufacturing, selling, possessing, and consuming CBD. Since this time, users everywhere have championed CBD as a safe, natural alternative to everything from headaches and inflammation to nausea, anxiety and sleep troubles. In addition to these common issues, clinical research has also shown extensive information on CBD’s effect on movement disorders, epilepsy, and general pain, although further studies are needed before we can be certain as to whether or not CBD can truly benefit those suffering from such disorders.

Consumers, however, are voicing their support for Cannabidiol and voicing it loudly. As of right now, studies are showing promising results in the use of CBD to benefit a wide variety of common disorders. Two such disorders that may be able to be managed through the use of CBD would be fatigue as well as an inability to focus. An increasingly large number of individuals have actually claimed that using CBD regularly has provided them with the ability to focus on their daily tasks, while others even state that CBD seems to provide them with the energy needed to get through their day! While the FDA has yet to recognize the potential benefits that CBD can provide for these issues, many consumers have confidently stated that CBD has helped them with managing such issues.

But wait, isn’t CBD supposed to provide feelings of relaxation and calm individuals who suffer from anxiety? How can CBD provide people with energy and focus when it also can help people to relax? Doesn’t this sound like an oxymoron? How can both statements be accurate?

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In this article, we will go in depth on what Cannabidiol is, the potential benefits associated with CBD, and whether or not CBD has the ability to assist someone who is struggling with low energy levels and/or troubles focusing.



CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of 113 currently known cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is, along with Delta 9 THC, one of the most commonly known and utilized cannabinoids in existence. Like Delta 9 THC, CBD is one of the most commonly extracted cannabinoids as well, often composing over 40% of the plant's total extraction. Unlike Delta 9 THC, however, CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid. Therefore there are little to no changes in the perception of the individual taking CBD. To put it in simpler terms, CBD is non-narcotic. It won’t get you high. It won’t affect or impair your judgement, and you can generally go about your day while using CBD. It doesn’t affect the body in the same manner that Delta 9 THC does nor does it provide the same feelings that Delta 8 THC provides. You won’t feel a head fog or any type of high from CBD. Instead, you may find that you are feeling a sense of peace, a slight dulling of the on-edge feeling that you can have when dealing with high stress or anxiety, and you may notice various aches and pains hurting less than they were before you took the CBD product. This is where CBD shines. The ability to live pain-free or to even dull pain can be life changing for those who deal with chronic aches and pains. Being able to calm down and relax in the midst of stress and anxiety can turn your entire day around, and having a peaceful mindset is crucial to being able to function properly. Consumers have hailed CBD as having the ability to provide all of these things for some individuals.

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In addition to the potential assistance with various pains and anxieties that we’ve previously discussed, CBD has also been studied for those who suffer from epilepsy. In fact, in 2018 the FDA approved Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures associated with epilepsy. Epidiolex is simply the brand name for medical grade CBD! Today, those suffering with epilepsy can get a prescription for Epidiolex in order to assist with their disorder. Other major potential uses for CBD include depression, substance abuse treatment, and assistance with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

Another potential benefit that some individuals are claiming CBD has is the ability to provide them with energy and the ability to focus more intently. While this may sound a bit odd considering CBD is used by many who suffer from sleep disorders and anxiety, there may in fact be some truth to this theory. Let’s start with the concept of utilizing CBD for energy.

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Using CBD for energy may prove to be effective for those who are struggling with low energy throughout the day! Cannabis has been championed by supporters for years for it’s potential to help boost energy levels. Yes, cannabis energy may very well be a reality! For starters, let’s discuss common factors that affect energy levels for many people. Issues like sleep disorders, stress, chronic illnesses, and poor diets and exercise routines can all drastically affect a person’s energy levels. CBD is believed by many to help manage sleep disorders and stress, two major factors that can prevent people from getting a good night’s rest. CBD is also believed to help manage pain, which in some cases can also prevent someone from being able to fall asleep and stay asleep. By using CBD to help treat the root of the issue, you may be able to get more sleep and therefore have more energy during the day. It is also worth noting that multiple studies show that a higher level of anxiety leads to a lower length of sleep and a lower quality of that sleep. This sort of one-two combination can decimate the energy levels of a person. If CBD is able to alleviate some of that anxiety, then it could in theory help to boost the amount of sleep and quality of sleep that the individual experiences. This could boost their energy by quite a large margin! To sum it up, by allowing consumers to relax and alleviating some of their stresses, anxieties, and physical aches, CBD may very well be able to provide consumers with better rest and therefore more energy throughout their daily lives. Yes, using CBD for energy boosts may very well be commonplace within the next few years. In fact, CBD energy drinks or hemp energy drinks and CBD energy shots are already on the market now!

Now that we have gone over how people can possibly use CBD for energy, let’s talk about how consumers may be able to utilize CBD for focus purposes.

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How could cannabidiol be possibly used to help consumers focus on day-to-day tasks? Well, for starters, many studies have shown that a leading reason for the inability to focus on basic daily tasks would be due to a lack of sleep or energy. In fact, a lack of sleep is known to directly correlate to a lack or inability to focus. As previously stated, CBD is believed by many to benefit those who suffer from sleep disorders. Therefore it is possible that CBD could help with those suffering from trouble focusing simply by allowing them to get the rest they need to function. In addition to this, those who may suffer from ADHD or ADD may in fact find that CBD allows them to free themselves from racing thoughts and sensitivity to various environmental stimulations that can make it difficult for them to focus on a set task. By turning down the volume of thoughts in their mind so to speak, CBD may be able to provide them with the ability to remain focused until a task is completed. Some consumers have reported that by utilizing CBD in this manner that they have been able to lower the dose of prescription drugs such as Adderall, or even discontinue use of these drugs completely. This can lead to a healthier, more natural lifestyle without the crash that is commonly associated with Adderall and other similar substances. CBD is also believed to be much safer than Adderall and other similar prescription pills, with the few side effects of CBD being much less severe than that of Adderall. While more research is still needed before we can recommend stopping the use of prescription drugs, CBD may allow users to focus enough to where they will not need such drugs in the future.

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The benefits of CBD are innumerable.

The possibility for CBD to allow users to regain their energy and stay focused during even the most stressful times may mean that one day we will live in a world in which many potentially dangerous prescription drugs become a thing of the past. Time will tell just how effective CBD is at combating fatigue and ADD/ADHD.

But the future as of right now is looking brighter than ever.

Spencer Beaudreault

Spencer Beaudreault is the Founder of Hero Brands, a Business Development & Marketing Expert, and a lifelong advocate & user of cannabis, hemp, & plant-based alternatives.
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