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Delta 8 Gummies

Introducing Hero Brands' Delta 8 Gummies - your delicious path to relaxation and euphoria. Each fruit-flavored gummy contains a potent dose of 20mg of Delta 8 THC, extracted from premium quality cannabis and hemp plants. Enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience, similar to traditional cannabis, but with the convenience of a tasty gummy.

Delta 8 THC is a remarkable cannabinoid known for its ability to induce a state of calm and a sense of euphoria. Savor the assorted flavors of our gummies and embrace the soothing effects of Delta 8 THC. It's a pleasure that takes 1-2 hours to fully unfold, so remember our motto: start low, go slow.

Newcomers to Delta 8 are advised to begin with a lower dosage, perhaps even half a gummy (10mg) or a quarter (5mg), to determine the right amount for their desired effects.

What's inside each bottle:

  • 30 Fruit-Flavored Delta 8 Gummies
  • Potent 20mg Dose of Delta 8 THC in Each Gummy


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With Hero Brands' Delta 8 Gummies, you are a step away from a relaxed and euphoric day.


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