CBD oil benefits for skin

CBD Oil Benefits for Skin

| Spencer Beaudreault
We know through extensive research that CBD carries plenty of medical benefits, but does it treat the skin specifically? Although skin care isn't at the forefront of CBD research and is newer, there are potential benefits to the skin based on the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. We also know that many essential amino acids are found in CBD, as well as B-complex vitamins.
CBD and Blood Pressure blog article cover photo

CBD and Blood Pressure

| Spencer Beaudreault
CBD oil for blood pressure has been linked in recent research with the many benefits for the heart and circulatory system, most notably the ability to lower high blood pressure. 
cover photo for the CBD Muscle Recovery article

CBD Muscle Recovery

| Spencer Beaudreault
For thousands of years cannabis has been used by humans for a range of medicinal reasons. Modern day research is still uncovering how beneficial CBD muscle recovery supplements can be. CBD muscle recovery supplements are a hot trend, along with products that boost energy, and enhance athletic performance.