Hero Brands was founded in 2019 with the mindset of Plants Over Pills. We are strong advocates for using plant-based alternatives over the abuse of opioids and prescription drugs. We firmly believe an active lifestyle with the use of plant-based alternatives, gives you a full-circle approach to optimizing and sustaining your health and wellness. With years of experience in this industry, we've made sure to carefully formulate our Hero Products to help all of you looking for answers.

Dr Jeff Watson of Hero Brands
Dr. Jeff Watson - CEO

Dr. Jeff Watson is a florida based orthopedic surgeon who attended the United States Air Force Academy where he was the top graduate from his squadron and graduated with military distinction. Dr. Watson is interested in combating the deadly opioid epidemic in the United States and has worked with several alternative treatment strategies for pain, including hemp and cannabis. He is actively working with patients to obtain results of CBD use in the post-operative period and following work or auto accidents. Dr. Watson is a partner at Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay and Tampa Sports Academy. He is also one of the founding partners of Los Canna Global and Los Canna Nevada---pioneers in the Medical Cannabis industry. Meet Jeff.

Spencer Beaudreault founder of hero brands
Spencer Beaudreault - Founder & CBD

Former D1 College Football Athlete. Graduated from the University of South Florida and went on to become a Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, and Cannabis Entrepreneur. Spencer is also the Founder of 813 Leads,  specializes in business development and marketing and developed Hero Brands with the mindset of Plants over Pills. He's overcome multiple ACL surgeries, several herniated discs, anxiety, concussions, depression, and insomnia through Cannabis, Hemp, and Plant-Based alternatives. Meet Spencer.

jake hunter coo of hero brands
Jake Hunter - COO

Co-Founder of the Modular Integrated Cannabis brand Los Canna Global, Jake's work ethic and forethought have helped aggregate and integrate top tier brands, products and services in the Las Vegas Cannabis scene. Jake has and/or currently still works with United Cannabis Inc., Prana Medicinals, Prana Hemp, NutriMed Health, Magical Butter, Ananda Scientific, Hygia Nutrients, NextCBD, Grow Green Analytics, Jamaican Knife, Cannabinoid Research Development, River Rock, Blue River, Harmony Extracts, Nueva Verde Luz, Quest Concentrates, R2 Innovations, and Tag-it-Tech Solutions. Meet Jake.

ryan ford cmo of hero brands
Ryan Ford - CMO

Ryan is a cannabis industry veteran and Chicago native. he's the CMO for Los Canna Global and is responsible for the creation and implementation of their unique, data-driven answers and customized business solutions. He leads and collaborates on marketing and repositioning strategis, global campaigns, solution-focused offerings, marketing attribution and operations, and sales. He has worked with brands like PLEX, Yamaha, Soda Stream, Kitchen Aid, Phillips, Vans, TwinLabs, and more. Meet Ryan.