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9 Benefits of Using CBD Capsules for Pain Relief

| Spencer Beaudreault

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you are far from alone. Across the United States, a reported 50 million adults claim to experience chronic pain.

As a result, people are desperate for anything that works to relieve their pain. For some, this requires being on addictive painkillers that create additional problems. For others, it means turning to less damaging solutions with promise like CBD.

CBD is popular for many things, especially for treating pain. Let's take a look at the nine benefits of using CBD capsules for pain.


1. They Provide Non-Addictive Pain Relief

The opioid crisis in the United States is no laughing matter. Approximately 3.8% of the adult population in the US abuses them. Opioid abuse creates irresistible cravings and withdrawals that can negate their effectiveness.

The biggest benefit of CBD is that it's not addictive. You can take them on a daily basis without worrying that you are building a dependency. If at any time you need to stop because of negative side effects, you can without suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Plus, this means that you can increase your dose as necessary. Taking more won't, like opioids, lead to deeper and more powerful addiction. 


2. They May Treat Many Types of Pain

Pain comes in many forms and flavors. There's chronic, debilitating back pain that you feel deep in your muscles and tissues. Then there are localized headaches and migraines that afflict specific areas of the brain. For this reason, pain medication often treats one specific type of pain and region, rather than being all-encompassing.

CBD may be a lot more versatile for some, especially with water-soluble capsules that exhibit high absorption rates. While CBD might not be a be-all-end-all painkiller in every regard, it may work well to dull pain in a general sense. Users report that it helps them to get relief from a wide variety of ailments.


3. They're an Alternative to Gummies

For some people, the experience of taking pain medication is deeply unpleasant. You have to swallow a hard pill that often has a foul taste. This can make some people reluctant to take their medication or dread doing so.

The great thing about CBD is it can come in any form, such as gummies, just like when you buy CBN gummies. Gummies make ingesting your medicine pleasant and exciting. They kill any unwanted aftertaste and don't require a glass of water to ingest.

However, not everyone is a fan of gummies, whether for taste or dietary reasons. Capsules are a great alternative.


4. They Don't Melt Easily

Another downside of gummies is that they melt. So if you leave them in a hot car, you'll come back to find a glob of unusable gunk. This also presents issues when shipping gummies to your doorstep in hotter climates.

Capsules are more stable at higher temperatures. They are less likely to suffer damage in high heat, like gummies.


5. You Won't Confuse Them

It's always extremely important to label your medications. The last thing you want is a child or unsuspecting person to mistake your CBD gummies for candy. It's hard to blame them since people will often see past the label to the delicious gummies inside.

This risk with CBD gummies might even force you to lock up your medicine cabinet. CBD products in capsule form, on the other hand, are unmistakable as medication. Thus, it's highly unlikely someone will take them by accident. 

If you have children or elderly in your home who might stumble upon gummies, capsules are a great alternative.


6. There's a Higher Dosage

Since gummies have to include all the ingredients that make them tasty, they have less room for their "payload." This results in gummies being much larger while having a much smaller dose, such as 15 mg per gummy. You would have to consume a lot more just to get a larger, more effective dose.

Capsules, naturally, are a lot more dense. A single capsule can contain 25 mg of CBD. So in a much smaller size, you get almost double the potency.

If you feel that you need to take more than one, then you won't have to chew down four massive gummies. You can take two capsules instead.


7. They Have Better Absorption

Gummies are a great delivery method, but digestion is not always the best drug delivery method. Other absorption methods produce more potent effects in your system. Capsules are one such method.

With capsules, you increase the absorption rate tenfold. So not only does the capsule contain more CBD, there's more of a "kick" when you take it.


8. They Don't Convert to THC

The problem with cannabis products is that they can sometimes convert to THC, even if they are not strictly marijuana. CBD and CBN can sometimes have trace amounts of THC that appear on drug tests. Obviously, you don't want your CBD gummies to get you in trouble at work!

One of the greatest advantages of CBD capsules is that their design prevents them from converting into drug-test-triggering THC. So you can take them without worrying.


9. They're Free of Contaminants

It can be concerning taking supplements and drugs of any kind for one simple reason: there may be contaminants. Leftover pesticides or allergens can make you sick. It becomes critical to only use medicine made in a clean production line that takes the necessary precautions.

CBD capsules tick all the boxes:

  • They're gluten-free
  • They contain no herbicides
  • They're pesticide-free
  • They don't have trace THC

This means that virtually anyone can take CBD without the ill effects of these known contaminants. Whether you're allergic to gluten or concerned about pesticides, you can consume the capsules with peace of mind.


Find CBD Capsules for Pain

CBD capsules for pain are a great alternative to gummies, and they have a number of unique benefits. They don't melt, don't confuse people like gummies do, and offer a punchier CBD payload. In addition to this, they don't risk false positives for THC and don't come laden with unwanted contaminants.

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Spencer Beaudreault

Spencer Beaudreault is the Founder of Hero Brands, a Business Development & Marketing Expert, and a lifelong advocate & user of cannabis, hemp, & plant-based alternatives.
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