How long do the Delta 8 Effects Last

How Long do the Delta 8 Effects Last?

| Spencer Beaudreault

What is Delta 8?

Before we dive into how long do the Delta 8 effects last, let’s take a closer look at what this cannabinoid is. Delta 8 is one of the dozens of unique compounds called cannabinoids, only found in cannabis plants. Chemically speaking, Delta 8 THC is almost identical to Delta 9 THC, but it has its double bond on a different carbon chain. Unsurprisingly, Delta 8 THC is bonded on the eighth chain while Delta 9 THC is connected on the ninth. Although we don’t have much scientific evidence on Delta 8 THC’s benefits, there are anecdotal reports that suggest this cannabinoid could help with conditions like chronic pain and anxiety. But lets get down to the most important question...

What are the Delta 8 Effects?


Delta 8 effects


The way you use Delta 8 THC reflects the effects you feel from this cannabinoid, quite similar to it's older brother Delta 9 THC, you can inhale it, eat it and even use use it in topicals. The way you consume Delta 8 contributes to the effects along with the make of each person. It is important to note that each individual will experience their own journey with Delta 8, and it is important to stress to dose low and start slow if you've never tried this cannabinoid.

Delta 8 Vape

If you’re using Vape products like a Delta 8 Vape or cartridge, you can expect the onset effects to begin in roughly 5-10 minutes. Although, this can vary from person-to-person and what type of product you’re taking. However, once the effects have appeared, they can last up to five hours. The peak of the Delta 8 effects fit in a wide range from 30 minutes up to two and a half hours.

  • Onset: 6 Minutes
  • Lasts: Up to 5 Hours
  • Peak: 30 Minutes to 2.5 Hours

Delta 8 Gummies


Delta 8 Gummies


This doesn’t apply to Delta 8 Gummies or Tinctures. You can expect to feel those Delta 8 effects beginning at 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours. This is because when Delta 8 THC is ingested it takes longer for your body to metabolize it. Therefore, you can expect to feel it’s effects way after you’ve taken it. Also, it’s very concentrated so when it hits you you’ll feel it all at once.

  • Onset: 30 - 90 Minutes
  • Lasts: Up to 6 Hours
  • Peak: 60 Minutes to 2 Hours 

Like most things digested in the body, it can take time for the body to break it down hence why eating Delta 8 THC can take longer to feel the effect and the effects can last for a longer amount of time.

How To Make Your Delta 8 High Come Down

If you’re new to Delta 8 effects or you feel like you took too much, you might be wondering how long do the Delta 8 effects last? First of all it’s important to note - stay calm. You might experience unwanted side effects due to taking too much THC. This happens when your tolerance levels are low or you just took more than you’re comfortable using.

What you will want to do to make your high come down is try eating something. Keep in mind that it will eventually wear down, try eating something first to distract yourself. Also, find a place where you can relax or try watching TV or listening to music. You can try taking a shower or go for a walk if you feel comfortable doing so. Another thing you can do is try taking a nap and make sure you drink plenty of water. A lesser known method is taking CBD - this can help counteract the Delta 8 effects

Delta 8 Products



Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that is considered a minor cannabinoid. Although it does have mild psychoactive effects compared to Delta 9 THC, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Delta 8 THC won’t stay in your system as long as Delta 9. There is some possibility that Delta 8 can show up on a drug test. 

You have to consider the type of test that is being conducted for detection. For blood tests, THC can remain in your blood for up to two days. Saliva tests are very similar and can last up to two days, because of the fact that THC can remain in your saliva until you swallow fully. For urine tests, it's typically 30 days, but it can sometimes stay in your system up to 48 days. The length of time that THC can remain in your system depends on how often you consume it. For example, with a urine test, if you’ve used THC only once, it can last up to eight days, if you've used for four days it can last up to 18 days, and six days of use can last up to 48 days potentially.

Why Delta 8 side effects happen?

This goes back to The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that is incharge of regulating certain functions in our brains. When you consume products like THC it binds the receptors that regulate pain, emotions, etc. So, if your receptors are suddenly getting binded with high amounts of THC it can trigger certain side effects. This only happens to some people due to their genetics, or other reasons. Also, this is the reason why some people get immediate relief from CBD but others don’t. It’s a matter of how your body reacts to your receptors being binded.

Keep in mind that not everyone experiences negative side effects. Also, people who tend to experience anxiety with Cannabis report less of an occurrence with Delta 8 THC. If this does happen to you or know someone who reacts to THC negatively; these are good tips to follow. We want your experience to be enjoyable so knowing how long Delta 8 THC stays in your system, or will you fail a drug test is important to know. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how long Delta 8 effects last.

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