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What To Know About Sleep And Mental Health

| Spencer Beaudreault
Sleep health, be it good or bad, can lead to measurable changes within the general wellbeing of an individual. It is for this very reason why disorders such as insomnia can wreak havoc on those who suffer from them. Recent research has shown that a lack of quality sleep can devastate the mental health of an otherwise healthy individual. Sleep and mental health go hand in hand, with one often leading to issues with the other.
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What is the difference in CBN and CBD?

| Spencer Beaudreault
At the time of this writing, there are 113 known cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are produced by the cannabis plant. And, while they may all originate from the same plant, these cannabinoids can be very different in terms of chemical makeup as well as the effects felt from using these compounds. No two cannabinoids are exactly alike, although many do share strong similarities. In this article, we will discuss two very similar cannabinoids; cannabinol, or CBN, and cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD.